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Quest Runegard .. English version

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Quest Runegard .. English version Empty Quest Runegard .. English version

Post by Liaa on Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:42 am

Inn - 84,91
Well - 94,106
Fisherman - 83,120
Tara's Inn - 95,81
Seamstress (Mally) - 90,127
Arena - 63,101
Butcher - 67,62
Blacksmith - 56,62
Old Tree Inn - 58,21
Haunted House - 45,81
Life & Death - 132,23
Nekas Home - 91,24
Alchemist - 16,113

<B>Cave list

Neka's Sewers - (level 3) coords 90,24 Uruzgard
West cave - (level 10) coords 2,90 uruzgard
Well - (level 18) coords 94,106 uruzgard (requires rope)
Bats - (level 24) coords 93, 187 uruzgard's harbor
Ghost Pirates - (level 32) coords 20,01 splitted ways (2nd room bat cave)
Haunted house - (level 38) coords 45,81 uruzgard
Volcano - (level 45) coords 30,05 volcano
Desert - (level 50) coords 35,02 Uruzgard crossroads
Necros - (level 57) coords 17,06 South-Eastern uruzgard
Bandit - (level 63) coords 98, 05 uruzgard
Labyrinth - (level 70) coords 32,14 Chilled farm (in bandits)
Snakes - (level 77) coords 91,72 hinterlands
Pirate's Hideout - (level 86) coords 23,154 Uruzgard's harbor
Daxlor's Cave - (level 92) coords 13,15 uruzgard crossroads
Reef - (level 96) coords 50,53 Hinterlands
Jungle - (level 99) coords 98,148 tanais
Gruzar Fortress (level 99) coords 99,75 battlefields


1.Go to the oracle and say 'Well'
2. Go to the blacksmith and say 'Rope'
3. Go to the alchemist and say 'Farral's tools'
4. Collect 60 chestnuts and say either 'Chestnut' or 'Chestnuts'
5. Once you get the vision powder go to north gate, use it, and look in between the fence of the gate and the sewer building.
6. Once you find the ax go back to the blacksmith and say 'Farral's ax'

<B>Safety token

get either 50 wood logs or a draazoks club
go to the blacksmith and say wood
then go to the alchemist and buy a magic powder
combine the wood token and magic powder in the creation system

<B>Labyrinth map quest

1. Talk to Labyrinth NPC.
2. Go to Old Hinterland's Shepperd.
3. Give 25 wool to the Shepperd.
4. Talk to Farral.
5. Get Farral a new rag.
6. Go to Mally and say "rag".
7. Give 10 wool fabrics to Mally.
8. Talk to Farral and get the 2nd map piece.
9. Get the third map piece from bandits (drop).
10. Talk to the Labyrinth guard to unite the maps.
11. Walk in and kill the boss.
12. Talk to the Labyrinth guard.

<B>Tainted leaf
1. Enter the well with your rope at 94, 106 Uruzgard.
2. Deep within the cave is a room named after the boss Amattar.
3. Slay Amattar and retrieve his Tainted leaf.
4. Return to Oracle and say Tainted leaf.
5. With 20,000 he will turn your tainted leaf to a Luminous leaf.

<B>Hinterlands portal
1. Go to Hinterland at South Uruzgard (Out of the uruzgard) then go left, walk trough the lava, then go left again... then here we go the Hinterlands.

2. At Hinterlands, juz go to coor (092, 029) -> Find the house of sheperd, talk to him, then choose the second question (Geography of Hinterlands)

3. First step, you should go to the North at coor (015, 004) or around that, pop up will appear there

4. Second step, you follow the main roads to the West at coor (002, 050) or around that, pop up will appear there

5. Third step, you follow again the main roads to the South at coor (025, 098) or around that, pop up will appear there

6. Fourth step, you follow the main roads again to the East at coor (097, 049)

7. Last step go back to the sheperd house (092, 029), talk to the sheperd choose the second question... then here we go... u will be able to portal yourself at Hinterlands

<B>Theres 5 major ways to make money.

Hunt squirrels for chestnuts and sell to npc.
sheer sheep for wool and either sell it or craft it.
Mine Tin ore and sell it or craft it.
Cut Ash logs and sell it or craft it.
Hunt bat cave for amethyst and sell it or craft it

Sheep can be found in Hinterlands, you can buy sheers for 20 gold in the hut at 92,29 hinterlands.

Tin ore can be mined at Volcano, npc that sells pick is at the base of the mountain for 20 gold.

Ash logs can be found at Ash Grove. You can find npc that sells ax at 44,22 coords.

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